Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Banana Stories 1st Giveaway


make an entry bout this giveaway
put my banner in your entry and your sidebar and linking it to my blog
wanna be my follower or not its all up to you babes, no offense :)

guess which one my friend NORITAH
you are given only one chance!
just states
( example )
noritah is A

this GA will be closed down on 
10th January 2011

enna tak pikir lagi nak bagi apa
neway enna akan pergi ipoh end of next month
so empat la nak shopping hadiah
weeeeee~ :D

apa lagi tunggu,
come join us now!
hiah hiah :)

The answer is (A)...maybe she is Noritah...

1 comment:

  1. awwwww..thanks tau joined ga enna yang agak merepek nih,
    saja jeh buat suka-suka:P
    neway later i will tell u what the exact answer eh..then bagitahu samada dee layak ke tak masuk ga nih,
    agak misteri disitu ^.^
    thanks again darla! :)

    p/s : do keep in touch with me dear ^.^