Wednesday, November 24, 2010


arini ak duk umh jer...buhsannyerr..klulh ader kete dh lme ak go out..dh nk last sem ni aserr mlaznyerr..ag2 kne wt proposal bout projek..beselh last sem ni mesti ader projek..,tjuk projek dh aderr tp info xderr..nk kenerr cri kt library..USAHA..aper y penting USAHA TANGGA KEJAYAAN..hehe..tjuk grup  ktowg psl MUFFIN..wtlh psl muffin yer..ktowg gune seed pumpkin sbgi bhnyerr..nk dgr story b4 my father go to work,he said 2 me..ader gas nk anta kul punye tgu mamk ni dtg kul8.30..pas2 lpz dier psng 2 dier mnta duwet...ak ingat ayh blom byr..ak bglh mmk2 rm27.50...mahalnyerrrr..gas dh naek harga kew..and then my mum called she asked me gas dh dtg kew..ak ckp dh dn dh byr..mum tnye ak ayh xbyr kew td..ak ckp lh xtau...pas2 ayh called dier ckp dh byr..why ak byr agg...lh aderr kew ayh ckp td..ak pom yekew..???ntahhhh..miss comunication agknyerr..hahahahha
ader  tps kesihatann..practice slalu..whow u care bout
1.answer the PHONE by left ear
2. do not drink coffee TWICE a day not take pill with COOL water
4.drink more WATER in the morning,less at the night
5.keep ur distance from h/phone charger
6.bezz sleeping is from 10pm at night to 6am in the morning
7.when batterry is down to the last bar, do not answer ur phone radiation is 1000 times

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